At Eden Hair Energy, we specialise in blonde, balayage, lived in colour, colour correction and transformations. We can do rainbow hair as well as every day beautiful, natural colours.

We would love to offer you a complimentary 15 minute consultation to assess your hair create a plan for giving you your dream look. During the consultation we also discuss:

  • what you’d like to achieve,
  • your hair needs,
  • your lifestyle, and
  • your budget

Eden is now also proud to offer our Custom Colour Services, a range of bespoke services, where we will work with you over the course of 4 – 6 hours, one on one, to do as much as we can in one session to turn your hair vision into your hair reality!

Generally, this will be the equivalent of 2 – 4 regular colour sessions, packed into one super colour sitting, giving you much more dramatic results, much faster. To book a Custom Colour Service experience, give us a call or book first for a complimentary consultation online.

Whatever your colour needs, the team at Eden Hair Energy have a solution tailored to you. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to view some of our most recent transformations.

To book a free consultation, call us today on 02 6262 8948, or click here to book online.

Our colour ranges

We aim to use ranges that are as natural as possible while still achieving professional results. We have selected Kitoko as our primary colour which we use for our tints and lightening services and we use Paul Mitchell’s ‘The Demi’ for our gloss toners.

Kitoko colour range:

  • Ultra-low ammonia, from just 0.2%* for optimum scalp comfort
  • More than 90% naturally-derived ingredients, obtained from sustainable and renewable sources
  • Unlimited colour results – custom blend bespoke colour
  • Flawless 100% white hair coverage
  • Advanced Anti-Fade Technology with UV Filters

Why Kitoko?

Our Kitoko range contains a low level of ammonia. Here’s why we selected a low content ammonia product over an ammonia free product.

To achieve professional results, currently all permanent hair colours require the use of ammonia or an ammonia substitute to be effective. Ammonia, or ammonia substitutes are the ingredient in hair colour which cause the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) to open and allow colour to penetrate into the hair, making a permanent change. Ammonia free colours are either not permanent as they lack the power to penetrate deep enough in the hair, or, if they are permanent use a substitute to achieve the same result.

While in a perfect world we could have colour that is both effective and chemical free, ammonia is currently the most universally tested product of its type. Many ammonia substitutes have appeared over recent years only to be removed after being deemed unsafe after a few years on the market. The ammonia content in the Kitoko colour range is as low as 0.2% and no higher than 2%, which is substantially lower than other ranges which usually sit between 10% and up to 20%.

At Eden, we are always on the hunt for new technology that is safer for our team, guests and the environment. We are confident that the Kitoko range is the best choice for our salon. We’re happy to report that many of our guests who have previously experienced sensitivity with other ranges don’t with our Kitoko colours. However, if you are concerned or have experienced irritation with any colour before, please discuss this with our customer service manager when making your booking so we can perform a patch test prior to your colour service.

Paul Mitchell The Demi colours (ammonia free)

We use ‘Paul Mitchell – The Demi’ for toning/gloss treatments and semi-permanent colours. The Demi is ammonia free because it is not a permanent colour and therefore doesn’t contain ammonia or an ammonia substitute.

The Demi is a plant-based gloss treatment that lasts up to 8 weeks over pre-lightened hair, providing both amazing tone and shine.

Vegan options

All the colours we offer at Eden are vegan, containing no animal or animal by-product ingredients. Additionally, we choose to partner only with brands who are cruelty-free and not tested on animals, ethical and sustainably-sourced. For more information about our ranges VIEW OUR PRODUCT RANGE.


Below is an outline of some of our service starting prices. Click here to view our full price list. This is the tool we use to quote in salon, however for a complimentary consultation where we can provide a full assessment of your hair and a quote, click here.

  • All colour prices include wash, head massage and blow wave/styling except individual foils when done on their own
  • Our foil prices include a toner or toning treatment as we believe this is necessary to achieve the perfect colour and therefore is added into our pricing for all foil services (except where stated in tint and foil package deals)

Hair Colour


Tints and all over colours

Tint/semi – permanent colour regrowth before 2:00 PM on weekdays

From $92

Tint/semi – permanent colour regrowth (after 2:00 PM or Saturday)

From $130

Tint/semi – permanent colour to ends

From $138

Toner/ colour refresh/semi-permanent gloss colour and blow wave

From $110

On-scalp lightening

On scalp lightening (regrowth starting price, includes toner)

From $191

All over lightening/virgin application

POA – Please book for a complimentary consultation for a quote


1/4 head/ part line foils (regrowth including toner)

From $115

1/2 head foils (regrowth including toner)

From $155

¾ head foils (regrowth including toner)

From $170

Full head foils (regrowth including toner)

From $191

¼ head foils (going lighter, including toner)

From $135

½ head foils (going lighter, including toner)

From $182

¾ head foils (going lighter, including toner)

From $198

Full head foils (going lighter, including toner)

From $238

Individual foils adding colour/lightening when with another service

From $6.80

Individual foils regrowth when with another service

From $4.50


Balayage/ freehand highlights lightening application (includes base colour or double toner)

From $220

Balayage refresh (root touch up, up to 10 foils or F/H highlights and toner)

From $185

Tint and foil packages

Tint and foil package (regrowth only – not colour change) includes tint/semi regrowth +10 foils

From $131

Tint and foil package + ends refresh includes tint/semi +10 foils

From $152

Tint and foil package (regrowth only – not colour change) includes tint/semi regrowth +10 foils PROMO – before 2pm weekdays

From $110

Colour correction

POA – Please book for a complimentary consultation for price