Answers to some of our frequently asked questions in relation to bookings, getting in touch and COVID March 2022

It’s Time To Rebuild: A Note From Our Salon Owner, Emmalene

It’s no surprise to anyone that 2021 has been a hugely transformative time for many people across all different fields. For us in the hairdressing profession, being locked down and forced to cease our work for nine weeks from August – October was a moment to pause and reflect. For some this resulted in a change of workplaces, professions, living arrangements, or in some cases, geographic locations.

At Eden Hair Energy and  Canberra Hair Extensions we farewelled four seniors across this time. We were also devastatingly required to make necessary adjustments to our support team due to the financial implications of a reduced number of stylists, combined with the forced closure of over 9 weeks. We have faced some big changes and challenges for sure, however, it was also an opportunity for us to refocus on the things that matter to us as a brand and how we want to operate our businesses.

What we realised

At the beginning of 2021 we had grown to a team of 17 across two locations. The variety of challenges we faced this year lead to a few realisations. Difficult as they have been, as an eternal optimist I choose to look for the learnings, which include:

Who we’re looking for

As part of rebuilding our business, we now have some amazing opportunities for the right people to join our team. Know any incredible hairdressers? We are offering a $500 Eden Hair and Canberra Hair Extensions voucher to anyone who can help connect us to someone who joins our team and successfully completes their 6-month probation period.

We have opportunities available for senior hairdressers as well as second and third year apprentices (emerging stylists).

We  are really hoping to find the right people – we believe that skills can be taught, but what we are ultimately looking for is someone with the right vibe/commitment to our team. We are prepared to invest whatever is required to upskill our new team members as long as we feel there is commitment and connection to our team and business.

Wrapping up

2021 has sure been a whirlwind of a year, and while we’re excited to close the door on it, we’re super excited about the new chapter that is 2022. We are so happy to be able to welcome you back into our salon and can’t wait to see you soon. Contact us to make an appointment!

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Can I make an appointment?

Since August 2021 our online booking has been disabled. This is because we are now operating with a much smaller team and as a result are still experiencing limited appointment availability.

You can however make a booking by emailing (preferred) or calling us on 6262 8948 – our reception hours are 9:00 – 5:30 weekdays and Saturday 9:30 – 3:30.

We hope to turn online booking back on as soon as possible.

While we may not be able to make a booking until further in the future than what you’d like, we are experiencing cancellations daily now due to people being impacted by COVID. We have a cancellation list which we update every day, so it is worth being on the list as we are likely to be able to get you in sooner than your appointment if you wish.

Why haven’t I been able to get through to you on the phone?

Due to the forced closure for over 9 weeks between August and October 2021, we have just one person dedicated to our phones for both Eden and Canberra Hair Extensions. The phone has been ringing hot and we are often unable to take all phone calls. If our receptionist is away from the desk our stylists generally cannot take calls as they are booked back-to-back with clients. If you can’t get through on the phone, email is best. Please email all enquiries to

Has Canberra Hair Extensions moved?

As of October 2021, we have closed our Badham Street location and moved Canberra Hair Extensions to our DKSN salon – g2/19 Challis Street Dickson. You can visit Eden Hair Energy and Canberra Hair Extensions to find a huge range of clip in and permanent hair extension products.

What is the best way to know if there is a cancellation?

If you haven’t been able to get a booking at the time you’d like, the best thing to do is be on our cancellation list. If something pops up at a time you’ve requested we will be in touch as soon as possible – please note if we leave a voicemail or email we will not hold the appointment so if you can get back to us or even better take our call we will have a much better chance of getting you in.

When we have cancellations on the same day as the appointment we will both contact those on our cancellation list and advertise it on our Instagram stories – @edenhairenergy and @canberrahairextensions.

If you want an appointment short notice it is always worth checking in to see if we have had a cancellation – you just never know. Worst case we will find an alternative time for you or add you to our cancellation list

How far in advance should I book?

Many of our regulars book 6 – 12 months of appointments in advance – hence our limited availability coming out of lockdown. If you would like to book in for 2022 please let us know and we can arrange a time for you.
As always, afternoon/evening and weekend appointments are high in demand, so if you would like to secure your spot do get in touch.
Appointments booked far in advance may be subject to change as our team may wish to take holidays or their roster may change, however our highest priority is always to those guests who have committed to us long term so we will always find an alternative appointment at a suitable time if changes are required.

How are you managing COVID-19 in your salon?

At Eden Hair Energy and Canberra Hair Extensions we always have the interest of you, our team and the community at heart. We operate with strict hygiene measures in place as well as following all ACT and Commonwealth Government guidelines and recommendations.
While it is not mandatory in the ACT to be vaccinated to visit a business or return to the workplace, we are proud to say that our whole team are fully vaccinated.
If you have been a close contact to anyone who has COVID-19, are showing any symptoms or feel you may be unwell please let us know as soon as possible to rearrange your appointment – again the best way to reach us is by email.
If you have any questions or concerns about our response to COVID-19 or have any special requirements please let us know.

Hey, my question isn’t answered here!

Thank you for reading this far, if we haven’t covered your question shoot us an email at We would love to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as possible.