Pure Hair Colour

LOW AMMONIA + PPD (Para-phenylenediamine) FREE – Non-invasive colouring system for superior colour results

BIO-COLOURING SYSTEM – Pure Evolve is the first bio-enhanced permanent colouring system formulated with exclusive Pure Colour Pigment Retention Complex blended from 100% certified organic extracts and powerful phytonutrients

COLOUR PIGMENT RETENTION – Colour Pigment Retention provides triple guard protection for natural/artificial colour pigment against oxidization (free radicals), ageing (thinning and greying) and anti-fade (sunlight damage)

ANTIOXIDANT: Protects against creeping oxidization to slow down colour fade caused by free radicals

ANTI-AGEING: Defence against premature ageing caused by the loss of hair texture, pigment and density

ANTI-FADE: Shields against the harmful sunlight rays, which cause ageing and colour fade

PHYTONUTRIENTS (PLANT DERIVED NUTRITION) – Pure active phytonutrients, shea butter and glycerin provide powerful transformative peptide restorative and lipid hydration qualities

PYRAZOLE 5 – Pyrazole, or P5 as its commonly referred to, is a 5 sided molecular structure that reflects red light and provides a deeper and more dense penetration of colour into hair structure.

PURE formulas use modern, clean and green ingredients. Pure have developed and continue to develop safe, gentle and ecological products using a unique blend of organic extracts and vitamins that give strength, nourishment, protection and moisture to the hair and scalp. 

Australian Land Waste Plastic is used to make their Pure Haircare bottles, and Pure are committed to reducing plastics by reusing 100% Australian Land Waste Plastic to package their haircare products.

Low ammonia over ammonia free? 

Here’s why we selected a low content ammonia product over an ammonia free product.

To achieve professional results, currently all permanent hair colours require the use of ammonia or an ammonia substitute to be effective. Ammonia, or ammonia substitutes are the ingredient in hair colour which cause the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) to open and allow colour to penetrate the hair, making a permanent change.

 Ammonia free colours are either not permanent as they lack the power to penetrate deep enough in the hair, or, if they are permanent use a substitute to achieve the same result.

While in a perfect world we could have colour that is both effective and chemical free, ammonia is currently the most universally tested product of its type. Many ammonia substitutes have appeared over recent years only to be removed after being deemed unsafe after a few years on the market. The ammonia content in the Pure haircare is extremely low, providing the result required without the negative impacts of other ranges which are super effective but very drying due to excess ammonia. 

At Eden, we are always on the hunt for new technology that is safer for our team, guests and the environment. We are confident that the Pure range is the best choice for our salon. We are happy to report that many of our guests who have previously experienced sensitivity with other ranges don’t tend to with our Pure colours. However, if you are concerned or have experienced irritation with any colour before, please discuss this with one of our team when making your booking so we can perform a patch test prior to your colour service.

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