At Eden, we believe healthy hair is beautiful hair. That’s why we offer an extensive range of hair and scalp treatments so we can tailor your service specifically to your needs.

Our treatment range includes Olaplex, Chi Enviro and Cezanne as well as an extensive range of scalpmoisturising and strengthening treatments from Kevin.Murphy, Davines and De Lorenzo. Our specialists will analyse your hair and recommend which is best for you at your appointment, however here is a little more about some of our treatments to help you decide which one you may wish to select:


Olaplex is a revolutionary type of treatment - it literally repairs and rebuilds the hair.

Where other treatments work on the outside (which is just as important), Olaplex works on the inside of the hair shaft, repairing and multiplying the bonds that form the structural integrity of the hair.

Olaplex is a three-step treatment that is usually used in conjunction with a colour service, but can be done as a standalone service for the ultimate luxury hair treatment.

Step one is either applied directly to the hair or added into the colour to protect the bonds throughout the colouring process.

Step two is then applied at the basin either directly over step one or after the colour is rinsed. This restores the hair to a stronger and softer state.

Step three must be used at home weekly to prevent the damage that was prevented and treated using steps one and two.

Your hair will feel like never before with unbelievable shine, softness and strength – perfect for if you want to grow your hair and stop breakage.

The Olaplex series now includes steps 4 and 5, a luxurious shampoo and conditioner, step 6 which is a leave-in cream treatment and step 7 which is a leave-in oil treatment. All steps include the key ‘Olaplex’ ingredient.

If your hair is damaged, Olaplex is the ultimate hair recovery range to get it back on track. We offer all 7 steps in salon at Eden.


Vitaplex works in much the same way as Olaplex does, however with a few key differences:

  • Vitaplex contains RAV19, an additional ingredient that other ‘plex’ treatments don’t have which mimics the amino acids which form the hair, in the sequence they naturally occur, the result being unparalleled strengthening to the hair.
  • Vitaplex is a similar price to the Olaplex, however the step 3 is 200ml compared to Olaplex step 3 which is 100 ml.

Vitaplex step 3 is much easier to use, only needing to stay on the hair for 5 minutes and can be used as conditioner.


Permanently repairs hair damaged by colouring, bleaching, straightening and thermal styling while also protecting the hair when colouring and bleaching.

Khairpep’s patented K18 Peptide™ is able to penetrate the hair cortex and interact with the internal disulfide bonds – reversing damage and progressively returning the hair to its healthiest state, restoring its natural, youthful strength and elasticity.

Available as a salon or at home treatment.

Repair and restore strength in your hair in 4 minutes!

Kevin Murphy Treat.Me Series

Inspired by the latest skincare ingredients, the TREAT.ME range is a collection of ‘made-to-order’ in-salon treatments that deliver deep conditioning, shine and long-lasting nourishment. Plant derived ‘Super Proteins’ help to strengthen and repair everyday damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments. Select from a range of treatments that include Moisture, Strength, Thickening and Anti-Ageing – it’s like treating the hair to a high-tech facial.

Kevin.Murphy And Davines Masque Treatments

Available as an upgrade treatment in salon but also available to purchase for home, these masques provide deep conditioning, strength and essential repair to your hair.

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Delorenzo Tricho Scalp Therapy

The Tricho Series is a three-step program (cleanser, conditioner and toner) and natural remedy for the treatment of scalp concerns including dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness and scaling. With a sophisticated blend of Certified Organic ingredients, the range is free from Petrochemicals and SLS that can irritate sensitive scalps. It is available in three variants suitable for different hair/scalp types. If you are experiencing scalp sensitivity, it would be best to organise a complimentary consultation with one of our team to assess your scalp and hair.







Olaplex/Vitaplex Step 1,2,3




Olaplex/Vitaplex Step 1 and 2




Olaplex/Vitaplex Step 2




Olaplex/K Hair Pep Step 1 and 2




K Hair Pep Step 2




K Hair Pep with colour and purchase of homecare




Kevin Murphy & Davines masque upgrade

$15 with another service

Kevin Murphy TREAT.ME range + 10 minute extended head massage

$35 - $50

If you would like to book for a treatment, please let us know at the time of booking. This way we can allow additional time if necessary for you to enjoy the full experience and get the most out of your service.