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Exclusive hair styling in Dickson

Whether you’re looking for a weekly blow dry, a bit of a ‘treat yourself session’ or have a special occasion coming up, our experienced hair stylists can ensure you a perfectly suited hairstyle.

Sit back and relax with a glass of bubbles, a latte or herbal tea, and let us take care of the rest.



Short Hair

Medium Hair

Long Hair

Extra-Long Hair

Wash and Blow Dry $75 $105 $135 $135
Wash and Curl/Glamour Blow Dry $105 $105 $135 $135
Up-Style $145 $217 $290 $326

Hair length guidelines

Most of our haircut pricing is based on hair length. If you’re wondering how long your hair is, in terms of pricing for hairdressing services, below is a guide to help you:

Please note that if you have very thick hair, it may attract an additional charge if extra time and product are required.