Policies and FAQ

Our Policies

At Eden Hair Energy, we understand how chaotic life can be at times. For this reason, we encourage you to book your appointments in advance, especially if there is a specific time, day or stylist that you require.

We will always do our best to accommodate your needs should you need to reschedule your appointment; however, cancellations can cause a significant loss of business (especially if we turn away clients that may have wanted the time you had booked). Therefore, we ask that if you need to reschedule, you do so two salon business days before your appointment.

Due to repeated cancellations, reschedules and no shows, we have been forced to implement the following deposit/booking fee and cancellation policy:

  • We require a $50.00 deposit/booking fee for all services, except where the price is below $50 where we will require upfront payment when the booking is made. This will come off your service provided you don’t cancel or reschedule within 48 salon hours of your appointment.
  • The first cancellation within 48 hours of appointment will result in your deposit/booking fee being forfeited. An additional booking fee will be required to make any future appointments.
  • A second last-minute cancellation (within 48 hours of booking) or no show will result in you forfeiting $50.00 non-refundable deposit/booking fee as well as an additional $50.00 cancellation fee which will need to be paid in full before future bookings can be made.
  • Further cancellations/no-shows to appointments will require us to take payment in full for the whole service to make any future appointments. Again, should you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of the appointment the payment will be forfeited.
  • We ask that you cancel any appointments via phone on 62628948 to make sure the message is received. If this is not an option for you, please email us at info@edenhairenergy.com.au.

We appreciate your understanding that this policy has been introduced because of significant loss of business caused by appointments being cancelled or rescheduled at late notice.

Please also note that although we send a reminder text to help you keep track of appointments, this message is sent 72 hours before your appointment and cancelling after the message is received if less than 48 hours before your appointment will still incur a cancellation fee as it is within the time frame. We ask that you be mindful when you book your appointments of any conflicting arrangements and that you keep track of your own appointment.

Life gets busy! That’s why we send a confirmation text to remind you of your booking time and details three days before your appointment.

The message will request your confirmation by either responding YES to the message or phoning us at the salon to reschedule. You will also receive an email reminder if you have selected that option and provided us with your email address.

If we don’t receive a response to the message, our team will either call you and leave a voice message or send you a follow up email.

We require confirmation of your appointment so that we can appropriately plan our day and team as well as offer your appointment to anyone else on our cancellation list should you need to cancel or reschedule.

If your appointment is from Tuesday – Saturday please confirm by 12:00 PM the day before and if your appointment is on a Monday, please confirm by 10:00 AM the Saturday before. 

If we haven’t received confirmation by the timeframes outlined above, we will cancel the appointment and open it up to our cancellation list.

If this occurs any deposit will be surrendered and a new deposit will be required to make a new booking.

You can view our full price list by clicking here. This is the document we use to quote hair services in salon however we aren’t able to provide any further information than what is listed here or 100% quotes until we see your hair in person.

If you are new to Eden Hair Energy or having a big change, the best thing to do is to book a complimentary consultation where you can meet your stylist, ask any questions and where we can make an assessment of your hair and provide an accurate quote.

If you wish to make your booking sooner, we can always provide you with a full quote before we start any services at the time of your appointment.

Here at Eden, we strive to provide the best possible service and deliver results you love. If you leave the salon and find your colour, cut, products, extensions, or style are not exactly what you were hoping for, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know.

We would love the opportunity to make you 100% happy, so if you are dissatisfied with the service provided, please contact us within one week of the original appointment and we will work together to find a solution at little or no further charge to you.

Please note: 

  • This may not extend to ‘change of mind’ where we have provided the requested service, but it is not what you want once you have it. 
  • We are also only able to do the best we can the information you provide with us. It is very important that you provide an honest and accurate history of your hair over the past 5 years for us to appropriately determine what we can do to your hair. Failing to do so can result in unwanted results such as damage which is out of our hands due to chemical reactions, breakage and less results with colour than we had hoped. Important things to disclose are: 
    • If you have had highlights or bleached your hair 
    • If you have used Henna (ever)
    • If you have had permanent straightening or a perm
    • What home haircare you are using 
    • If you have been maintaining your own regrowth at home with box colour (and the frequency)
    • How often you heat style your hair. 

If you contact us more than one week after the original service date, you will be charged for any further services required at the regular price.

If you have purchased a product at Eden Hair Energy on our recommendation and find it isn’t right for you, please feel free to bring it back on your next visit (provided it is 70% full and within 3 months of the original purchase) and we will happily exchange it for something more suited to you.

Caring for your hair at home is just as important as regular in salon maintenance. At Eden Hair Energy we have a range of the best home care products available for purchase, allowing you to achieve optimum hair care with ease at home. Your stylist will be able to recommend the best products from our extensive range to maintain your colour, style, or treatment.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, let us know and we can suggest a solution suited to you. Some of the treatments we offer in salon will require specific home care. This is part of the service we offer to you as professional hairdressers. If you choose not to follow the home care explained to you, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the durability of the service we have provided.

If you have purchased a product at Eden on our recommendation and find it isn’t right for you, please feel free to bring it back on your next visit (provided it is 70% full and within 3 months of the original purchase) and we will happily exchange it for something more suited to you.


Eden Hair Energy is located right on the corner of the DKSN building and bus interchange in Dickson – See parking map for more details

Up until late 2020, we were located at 1/29 Badham Street Dickson which is now home to our sister salon Canberra Hair Extensions. 

Both of our salons are conveniently located in Dickson, walking distance to each other with plenty of parking and access to public transport available.

So that you can enjoy as much of your appointment as possible it is great to have realistic expectations of how long you will be with us. 

For haircut appointments, we recommend allowing an hour. If you hair is very long or thick or you are having a big restyle, allow up to 90 minutes. 

For colour appointments, we recommend leaving 2.5 hours for a tint or all over colour, trim and blow wave

If you are having foils or balayage, we suggest allowing 3-3.5 hours for your appointment (or up to 4 if you are having a big change or have extra thick/long hair) as it usually takes us up to an hour to apply your colour, approximately 45  minutes to process, about 30 minutes at the basin and about an hour to trim and finish. 

Smoothing treatments take about 2.5 hours. 

Wash and blow-dries take between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the length of hair and the style requested.

If you need to be out by a certain time, please communicate this to your stylist and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Ideally this would happen at the time of making the appointment so we can ensure other bookings around you will be able to make this work. 

Where possible, please let us know if you have significant time restraints on your day that may impact what we are able to do in the time we have with you. If your service differs vastly from what you were booked for, you may incur a higher price if we have allocated much more time to spend with you then you end up requiring. We appreciate your understanding and respect for our time, as we respect yours.

Our stylists are pretty awesome, so most of our regular guests book their appointments ahead, often the next two or three where possible. 

Our after-hours (4:00 pm onwards on weekdays) and weekend appointments always book out the fastest, so if it is important to you to have one of these time we strongly recommend booking the next one or two appointments, even if they are 12+ weeks away. 

If you are flexible with your time, we usually have availability within the fortnight with the stylist you would like to see, however if you end up having time on a particular day and want to get your hair done, we would always recommend giving us a call as we may have had a cancellation.

Yes! Life gets busy and things pop up, so sometimes people need to make changes. 

Sometimes appointments become available and in that case we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated reception team who monitor the bookings and cancellation list carefully and you can be assured if there is a spot you like that comes up, they will get in touch with you by phone, text or email. 

It’s also worth being on the list if you’d like a different time than what you booked and we will do our best to get you in at your preferred time if it comes up. 

Often we will open appointments up to our cancellation list and we may not be able to reach those on it. In that case we will advertise the times available on our Instagram and Facebook.

We have always had to be quite strategic with our seating, especially when we were in our Badham Street location and we often ran out of chairs. Fast forward to 2020 and COVID-19 and that brought a whole new meaning to strategic seating. 

Even though distancing has eased off, we would really appreciate you not bringing guests to your appointment as we have generally allocated seats to our scheduled clients. 

If you would like to bring someone, it would be great if you could call ahead to see if we have space for them on that day.

If your children need to attend your appointment with you it would be greatly appreciated if you could call ahead so we can make space for them to sit with you. 

We have wifi available that they are welcome to use if you bring a device. 

If you are having a colour or a longer appointment, you may wish to book at our sister salon Canberra Hair Extensions which is set up with much more space between seats and is a much quieter setting so more family friendly. 

We welcome kids with you to your appointment but do ask that you consider other guests and their experience while they are in the salon.

Once upon a time we when we were located in our Badham Street location we had many fury friend visiting us, including our own resident pooch Cookie. 

Unfortunately, after a couple of situations where animals got underfoot and upset some clients who don’t feel comfortable with all animals, we have made the decision that sadly we don’t have room for pets at our new DKSN salon. 

Maybe we should host a doggy day where we can all get together with our puppers!? But for the regular visit to the salon, we ask that no pets attend, unless of course they are a service animal in which case we will always accommodate.

You don’t technically ‘need’ to come in for a consultation prior to your appointment as we will always consult at the time of your appointment, however if you are:

  • A new client
  • Having a big change
  • Unsure of what service you should book for

We would greatly appreciate you booking in for a complimentary 15-minute consultation prior to making a booking so that you can meet your stylist and they can assess your hair and provide a full quote. 

Please be aware that the person you speak to on the phone is most likely from our reception team and may not be a hairdresser, and therefore will only be able to provide so much information. That is why if you have some burning questions or seek to learn more about a process to do with your hair, a consultation would be best.

We don’t provide 100% quotes over the phone, email or social media or until we are able to see your hair in person. 

We do however provide a full and comprehensive price and services list (see main menu) which will give you a good idea of what your service may cost. 

We try to package things together as much as possible, so a foil service (unless otherwise stated) will include a toner and blow wave in the price. 

Haircuts are 30% off when accompanied by a colour before 2:00 PM and 20% off after 2:00 PM weekdays. 

We will provide a full quote at the time of your appointment before your service begins so you can confirm if you would like to proceed with the service. This will also include a breakdown of what your service will include so you know what you are paying for. 

If you would like a full quote before you book your appointment, the only way we can do this is via an in-person consultation which you can book online or by giving us a call.

Yes absolutely. It’s 2021, with flexible work arrangements we have many guests who plug in and do their work while we do their hair. 

Don’t worry, we won’t be offended, if you need to keep tapping away as long as we have been able to do a consultation (and you don’t move too much) we can both work at the same time! 

We have wifi available as well as power and USB ports at each station and an endless coffee supply.

Who would have ever thought that perms would make a comeback? Secretly us hairdressers always knew the time would be here one day. 

A ‘perm’ is the name of a process which creates a ‘permanent’ wave in the hair. 

It’s been a long time between drinks, like a seriously long time. So long in fact that perming was officially taken out of the training package for hairdressers in 2019! 

Luckily, there are still some amazing hairdressers who specialise in this service, and we are lucky to have two of them working at Eden. Paul and Maria are your go to stylists if you are interested in a perm.

Visit our perming section to learn more. If you are interested in getting a perm, you will first need to book in for a consultation which you can here via our website or by giving us a call.

Timing is kind of everything when it comes to hair. We have been working on our booking systems and service over the past few years to ensure that we are able to run as efficiently as possible. In 2018 the addition of a reception team has been a huge help to us being able to honour your appointment time. 

Nothing is more precious than time, so we will do our best not to keep you waiting. 

If you are running late to your appointment, we would greatly appreciate a call for a heads up. Depending on how late you are will depend on how much of your service we are able to do when you arrive. 

Because we have allocated the full amount of time to you and your service, if you are significantly late you may be charged for your full booked service rather than what we are able to do in the time that is remaining. 

If you are too late for the appointment to do any of it, we will require a $50 booking deposit to secure another appointment in the first instance and in any following instance, a $50 booking deposit as well as a $50 fee as it is essentially the same as a ‘no show’. 

We greatly appreciate your understanding around this matter.

We send a text message requesting your appointment confirmation three (salon) business days before your booking date. 

If we don’t receive confirmation, we will attempt to call you, send an email and a follow up message. 

If we have received confirmation of your appointment, we do expect that you will be attending. 

If you don’t show up to your appointment that you have confirmed, we will require a $50 booking deposit which will come off your next appointment (provided you don’t cancel or reschedule within 48 hours or no show) as well as a $50 no show fee. 

We understand that life happens, but due to a significant number of occasions where this has occurred, we have been faced with no choice but to implement this policy. 

We appreciate your understanding around this matter and do welcome you back to visit us even if you have not shown to an appointment, provided the deposit and no-show fee have been paid.