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Services and Prices

Our Services

At our Dickson Hair Salon, we offer gender-neutral pricing based on:  

  • The time our skilled team spends with you
  • The products (type and quantity) required 

While we aim to provide accurate time and cost estimates, there may be cases when additional time and product are needed to achieve your desired result. If this happens, your stylist will clearly communicate any consequential price changes so you can decide how to proceed.

Visiting us for the first time? Having a complete hair makeover?

We are unable to provide exact quotes over the phone, email or social media. However, to get to know and understand your hair goals better, we offer 15 minute hair consultations and assessments at our hair salon in Dickson.

During this consultation you can meet your stylist and ask any questions you may have. Your hair goals are our hair goals. So, it’s a pleasure to invite you into our salon to discuss making your hair dreams come true and provide you with an accurate quote for what is required to make it happen.