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At Eden we believe having healthy insides means a healthy appearance. We’re happy to stock the Apotecari brand who offer a range of exclusive supplements specialising in bioactive hair care. Apothecary’s founder, Simone Abaron is a qualified naturopath who identified the need for “haircare from within”. Topical treatments can only do so much and Apotecari offers a range of exclusive supplements for all hair types.

Apotecari offers “edible hair care” for top-quality hair and scalp focussed supplements. Their supplements can help with supporting dehydration, thinning hair, hair loss, stunts in growth, postpartum hair changes, dullness, textural changes, damaged hair and scalp conditions. 

The Apotecari philosophy is to aid the body’s cells and tissues to help you feel beautiful from the inside and out.Learn more about Apotecari.

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