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Olaplex is a revolutionary three-step hair treatment which has the ability to both repair and rebuild your hair, from the inside out.

Where other treatments work on the outside (which is just as important), Olaplex begins it’s work on the inside of your hair shafts. It can significantly improve the structural integrity of your hair by repairing and multiplying its bonds.

We often use Olaplex in conjunction with a colour service. However, this incredible treatment can also be done on it’s own. 

The Olaplex process

While there are eight products in the Olaplex series, each which contribute to the overall process of hair rejuvenation, the Olaplex process consists of three key steps: 

Step one is either applied directly to your hair or is added into the colour used during your colour service. This step is for protecting your hair’s bonds during the colouring process.

Step two is then applied at the basin, either directly over step one or after the colour is rinsed. This step restores your hair, ensuring a strengthened and softened state.  

Step three  is the maintenance part of the program which you are responsible for at home. This step is crucial to protect your hair between salon visits. The treatment will break down if step three isn’t used consistently (once a week is ideal) and your hair will return to the previous state.  

Carrying out these three steps can result in a major difference in the shine, softness and strength of your hair. If you’re looking for hair growth and a reduction in breakage – Olaplex is definitely worth a try! 

All steps include the key ‘Olaplex’ ingredient. If your hair is damaged, Olaplex is the ultimate hair recovery range to get it back on track. We offer the full Olaplex series at Eden Hair Energy.

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