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7 Tips For Trimming Your Own Fringe in Lockdown

As the lockdown weeks roll by and the boredom sets in, it may be tempting to cut your own bangs. Stop. Put the scissors down and back away. We’ve seen enough disaster DIY lockdown haircuts for a lifetime. The one thing you may need to do, however, is trim your pre-existing fringe, especially if it’s become unruly. 

At Eden Hair Energy we’re here to help, even in lockdown. In this article, we give you our top tips for trimming your own fringe in lockdown.  

Tips for trimming your own fringe (if you must)

A fringe may have seemed like a great idea before lockdown. But suddenly, you’re stuck at home with a fast-growing fringe that’s driving you crazy. So, you’ve decided it’s finally time to give it a little trim. Before you pick up the scissors and begin to chop away read these helpful tips and tricks:

1. Prep your hair

You may assume you need to wet your fringe before trimming it, this is a common mistake. This is because your fringe bounces up when it dries. If you cut it while it’s wet, you risk going too short. You should cut your fringe when it’s freshly washed and blow-dried in the direction you want to wear it.

The next step in preparation is to clip the sides of your hair down, leaving out just your fringe. This way you avoid accidentally cutting more than necessary and ending up with a mega fringe.

2. Section your fringe

Even though your fringe is a small amount of hair you should still section it before trimming. Section it horizontally into three individual parts – you can use clips to hold each section. Begin with the section closest to your forehead, then the middle then the upper. This way if you accidentally cut one section too short you can hide it with one of the others. 

3. Use appropriate scissors

The smaller and sharper the scissors are the more precise you can be. This means no kitchen scissors. Long scissors push the hair around and can cause a crooked result. Try a pair of sharp nail scissors or small sewing scissors. If you don’t have anything appropriate, then head to your local pharmacy and see what they have. They may even stock scissors for cutting hair. Hopefully, this means you can avoid cutting a crooked fringe. Just be careful not to poke your eyes!

4. Less is more

If you ever attempted to cut your fringe as a child, then you’ll know it can go wrong very quickly. Before you know it, you’ve got a spiky fringe that’s about one centimetre long and your mum is freaking out. Well, let’s avoid that. Start by cutting just a few millimetres, this may be enough to keep it out of your eyes. If you need to take off a little more, do so slowly. Remember, you can always cut more off, but you can’t stick the hair back on.

5. Cut your hair at natural fall

It may be tempting to pull your fringe down or out when trimming it. It certainly makes it easier to cut but by doing this you’ll end up with a wonky fringe. You need to cut the hair as close to where it naturally sits as possible. This can be tricky when cutting your own fringe, especially if it’s covering your eyes or if you wear glasses. You may want to ask a family member or housemate for help (if you trust them).

6. Don’t cut a straight line

This may seem counterintuitive but trust us, avoid cutting one long straight line. It’s best to cut tiny little points up into the fringe. This leaves you with a more natural finish and leaves less room for error. It also means you can cut tiny bits at a time and are less likely to end up with a crazy short fringe. 

7. Take your time

Take your time when trimming your fringe. You don’t need to do it all in one day. It’s a good idea to leave your fringe for a few days to settle. You can observe the length and shape and see how it’s sitting. If you still decide it needs further trimming, then simply follow the same steps again. 

Eden Hair Energy misses you

We still recommend waiting until you can visit your hair salon to avoid a lockdown hair disaster. But hopefully, we’ve given you the right tips to give your fringe a little trim (if desperately necessary). Stay tuned on our blog page for future articles and salon news. We hope everyone is keeping happy and safe during lockdown. We can’t wait to see all our lovely clients back at our Dickson hair salon!

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