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You Want Your Dream Colour And You Want It Now! – Custom Colour Services

You want your dream colour and you want it now! Enter: Custom Colour Services.

Great hair (usually) takes time. Depending where your hair is to start with and where you want it to be, it can often take anywhere between 1 – 5+ sessions, but we know you can’t always wait that long for your perfect transformation. That’s where our custom services come in!

Eden is now proud to offer a range of bespoke services, where we will work with you over the course of 4 – 6 hours, one on one, to do as much as we can in one session to turn your hair vision into your hair reality!

Generally, this will be the equivalent of 2 – 4 regular colour sessions, packed into one super colour sitting, giving you much more dramatic results, much faster.

While we can’t 100% guarantee you will reach your optimum colour in one day, you will certainly see a dramatic change and our talented team make it their personal goal to get you to your dream colour ASAP!

All our custom colour services include all 3 steps of Olaplex treatment (valued between $65 – $95) and a personalised Kevin Murphy basin treatment (valued at $35- $45) to keep your hair in the best condition possible.

Although the outlay is greater than it would be if it were spread over the course of many months, you will save approximately 50% on the cost of if the sessions were broken up. With the added bonus of course that you get your dream hair faster!

We have created four main categories that your Custom Colour Service might fall into:

Platinum Lightening Service

Your hair is currently dark, or darker than what you would like it to be. You want to go blonde or significantly lighter and you don’t want to wait.

Platinum lightening service includes:

Magical Rainbow Hair

Not for the faint hearted! These high fashion colours certainly have that WOW factor and will cause small children to point at you in the street. Using our amazing range of Pop XG colours, your imagination is the limit when it comes to your hair colour. Magical rainbow high fashion colours include (but not limited to):

Your Magical Rainbow Hair appointment includes:

Beautiful Balayage

Your hair is currently dark or has a bit of colour history, which means it is going to take several applications to achieve that beautiful Balayage your heart desires. Never fear! You don’t have to wait for months, we can work with you to get as close to that perfect blend in one session as possible!

Your Beautiful Balayage session includes:

Colour Correction

You’ve had a bit of an uh-oh and now your beautiful tresses in no way resemble the images on that pinterest board you spent months creating! Worse, you fear public humiliation if you dare to leave the house without a scarf or a hat.  What to do?

Never fear, team Eden are here to save the day. There are many scenarios which could fall into the colour correction basket, and we would always recommend a consultation before we organise your appointment to see what exactly needs to be done. There may be an easy fix with one of our regular colour service categories. There are of course other more extreme cases which is where our custom Colour Correction service comes in.

Your Custom Colour Correction service includes:

Custom colour services pricing






$485$585$685$785Additional charge may apply

Please view hair length guide below to determine your hair length. We will require you to come in for a consultation before your hair appointment to meet your stylist, so you can ask any questions you may have and so that we can see your hair and form a plan of how we will achieve your perfect colour. 

Because this is such a large appointment, a non-refundable deposit of 50% must be paid no less than a week before to secure your appointment, we thank you for your understanding.

Hair length guidelines

Most of our haircut pricing is based on hair length. If you’re wondering how long your hair is, in terms of pricing for hairdressing services, below is a guide to help you:

Please note that if you have very thick hair, it may attract an additional charge if extra time and product are required.

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